March 22, 2017

Toshiba financial issues update

– Reuters News Service announced that Toshiba will miss a deadline to publish official 3rd quarter earnings. o Has asked for ability to postpone due to disagreements with auditors
o The extension would be its second after it postponed a month ago
o If Japanese Finance Ministry fails to approve, it will be forced to publish earnings on 3/27/17 or it could face delisting
o In 2015, Toshiba delayed its earnings twice due to huge accounting scandal

– Reuters is also reporting that the Japanese government may restrict potential buyers of Toshiba’s memory chip division (which might be worth $13 billion) o May use foreign exchange and foreign trade laws to block bidders its sees as threat to Japan’s national security
o “The US is the only feasible partner from Japan’s national security standpoint”
o “It’s obvious US players are more suitable bidders.”

– Company is still considering filing bankruptcy for its nuclear division o There are 80 city and regional banks that lend to Toshiba that are reportedly very divided over this plan
o Hiroshige Seko, Japan’s industry minister, stated that he met with US Energy Secretary Rick Perry and US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, to share information on developments with the nuclear division § “issue did come up in the meetings and both sides are monitoring it closely”, stated White House official.

– The US Patent Office reported that Toshiba transferred a portfolio of 96 assets to Microsoft, related to semiconductors (selling price unknown)

Toshiba wins school district bid

– Award from Baldwin-Whitehall Public Schools of Western Pennsylvania
– Will be replacing equipment from Comdoc, a Global Xerox dealer, whose bid was $40/month higher
– 5 year contract will supposedly save $8200 per month less than previous contract

Canon hosts press conference

– Held the “One Canon Event 2017” in Boca Raton, Florida
– Unveiled the new Oce’ Colorado 1640 UVgel wide format color printer series and the Oce’ varioPrint 140 production b/w laser systems
– FY16 total sales of $31.3 billion, down from $31.4 billion in FY15

o 28% of sales generated in Americas
o 53% of worldwide revenue is from office products

24.4% of total revenue is from product sold to HP

(all LaserJet branded MFPs and printers)(which Canon may lose due to impending acquisition of the printer/MFP division of Samsung by HP)

– Will launch new Oce’ ProStream (75 foot long footprint) in Q4 of FY17
– Will launch Voyager Inkjet Photo Press in early 2018
– High end (over 70ppm) b/w production units up 12%
– Color MFP placements up 20%
– Production inkjet up 32%
– Production print devices produced 80 million pages in US in 2016 o Claims to have 8000 units (of all types) installed in Fedex Office locations

– Claims that the US dealer channel had 2% revenue increase for enterprise and production o Solutions up 5%
o One of its dealers, LDI, gave presentation stating that it reorganized its sales force from territories to vertical markets, and this is reason it has grown to $70 million per year in revenue in New York § Biggest growth comes from legal, healthcare and education

– Debuted new solutions: o CXM (contextual management) that profiles information beyond human profile, using artificial intelligence, leveraging learning, computer vision and big data analytics
o Box and mxHero partnerships to enable customers to send email attachments as links with security parameters
o Service Automation Tool for dealer fleet management using artificial intelligence to predict service issues

Canon wins production print contract

– Award from Century Direct, a commercial printers in Islandia, New York
– Installed an imagePRESS C10000VP production color laser system
– Reasons given for choosing include: o Ability to run at top speed of 100ppm
o Handle up to 350gsm
o Inline spectrophotometer
o Gloss optimization technology
o 2400x2400dpi

Epson hires former Toshiba exec

– Epson America announced it has hired Mark Matthews as new VP of North American commercial marketing
– Mr. Matthews was president of Airwolf 3D Printing, and before that was President and CEO of Toshiba America Business Solutions USA
– At Epson, he will be responsible for marketing of business inkjet printers/MFPs, projectors, point-of-sale and robotics

Ricoh expands NYC branch

– Ricoh signed a 10 year lease for 30,649 square feet at office tower at 711 Third Avenue in Midtown Manhattan
– Second floor has 20,862 square feet for offices
– 18th floor has 9607 square feet showroom
– (rent is between $62 and $65 per square foot)

Ricoh has inkjet production open house

– Held its 3rd annual Publishing Executive Symposium
– Guests stayed at St. Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder, Colorado
– Demos given at the Ricoh Customer Engagement Center in Boulder, CO
– Speakers included: o Marco Boer, VP of IT Strategies
o Brent Niemuth, president of J.Schmid & Associates
o Don Kilburn, former president of Pearson North America
o John Edwards, president of Edwards Brothers Malloy
o Sean Smyth, Print Consultant at Smithers Pira
o Derek Giulianelli, VP of BR Printers
o Carolyn Pittis, managing director at Welman Digital
o Nick Lewis, president of Publishers’ Graphics

Ricoh wins production print contracts

– Award from “Multimedia and Print Center” of Penn State University in Pennsylvania o Installed a new Ricoh Pro C7110x production color laser system with 5th toner and SG3110DN Gel Sprint dye sublimation inkjet wide format printer
o (shop also has Xerox iGen4, Color C75 and two Nuvera 144s)

– Award from CW Print Services, Inc. of Austin, Texas o Installed a new Pro C9100 and C7100X production color laser systems

– Award from Key Digital of Stockport, England o Installed a Pro C7100X production color laser system with 5th toner
o Also installed a Pro 8100 production b/w laser system

InPlant magazine survey results

– Survey on CRD (central reproduction departments) in higher education vertical
– 57.1% of average total shop revenue is from digital production printing
– 4.5% = value added services
– 7.3% = mailing/fulfillment
– 7.4% = MFP/printer fleet management programs
– 11.8% = wide format inkjet printing
– 11.9% = offset press printing

Lexmark offers new solution

– Announced it is reseller of solutions from Intelligent ID
– Provider of data monitoring and endpoint security offerings
– Gives customers ability to monitor print, copy, fax, and scanned documents in real time

Lexmark patent to hinder counterfeit toner

– Awarded a US patent on a means of uncovering counterfeit ink and toner cartridges
– Draws on a concept developed by cryptographers known as physical unclonable function (PUF)
– Plans on creating a mixture of magnetic and non-magnetic particles to create a motif to put on OEM cartridges that can be detected using a low cost reader

Sharp buys copier dealership

– Announced it has “acquired the service contracts of AVC Office Automation”
– Located in Simi Valley, California
– Former owner, Gary Misaki, is “joining Sharp’s business development team to help with transition”
– Will join Sharp’s existing branch in San Diego, and report to Anthony Sci, SVP of Sharp.

Intel makes huge buy

– Announced it spent $15.3 billion to acquire Mobileye of Israel
– Maker of computer vision technology for autonomous driving of automobiles
– Includes sensor fusion, mapping, front and rear facing camera technologies
– Crowd sourcing data for high definition maps
– Driving policy intelligence for driving decisions
– Has contracts with 27 car manufacturers for future vehicles

Brother shipping new color laser A4 MFPs

– The MFP versions are MFC-L8610CDW, MFC-L8900CDW, MFC-L9570CDW have base MSRPs of $849.99, $949.99 and $1249.99
– The print-only versions are HL-L8260CDW, HL-L8360CDW and HL-L9310CDW have base MSRPs of $529.99, $649.99 and $949.99
– HL-L8360CDW & HL-L9310CDW have 2.7” color LCD touchscreen o MFC-L9570CDW has a 7” color touchscreen LCD § Document feeder holds up to 70 originals
§ Top speed of 58ipm in duplex mode

o MFC-L8610CDW has a 3.7” color touchscreen LCD § Document feeder holds up to 50 originals

o MCR-L8900CDW has a 5” color touchscreen LCD § Document feeder scan up to 52opm or 104ipm • Scans both sides at same time
• Holds up to 80 originals

– Top print speeds up to 33ppm
– Maximum paper capacity of 2,380 sheets (can make floor standing)
– 2400x600dpi
– Handles up to 8.5”x15” sheet size
– Built-in print controller o NFC
o Wireless 802.11
o 10/100/1000BaseT & USB ports
o MFC-L9570CDW offers scan to OCR

Staples to close more locations

– Announced it will close 70 more locations of its office supply superstore locations in North America
– “amid sharp sales declines in its top market and a continued pivot to business services and away from brick and mortar”
– Last year, US regulators stopped Staples attempt to merge with Office Depot

Hyland wins ECM contract

– Award from the Earthquake Commission of New Zealand
– Implemented its OnBase ECM in the cloud, using new data center in New Zealand

Tata Consultancy published AI survey

– 84% of companies polled see the use of AI (artificial intelligence) as essential to competitiveness
– 50% see AI as transformative
– 67% of IT departments that have AI use it to detect security intrusions, user issues and deliver automation
– 32% believe that by 2020, AI’s greatest impact will be in sales, marketing or customer service
– 20% see AI’s impact in finance, strategic planning, corporate development and HR
– 7% of companies polled that have average revenues of $20 billion have earmarked at least $250 million toward AI in 2016
– North American companies are the leading investors in AI, with average company spend of $80 million

Printing grows trees

– Study published by International Paper and Printing & Graphics Association Mid-Atlantic
– Takes less than 2 seconds to grow the fiber needed for a standard #10 envelope
– Time required to grow fiber needed for a ream of 500 sheet office paper is 0.2 to 2.2 hours per 100 acres of forest
– In North American, more trees are grown that are actually harvested for paper
– Forest area in the U.S. increased by 5800 NFL football fields per day between 2007 and 2012, or a total of 14 million acres
– In Canada, actual harvest is 44% of growth



Healthcare vertical creates more new jobs
– Report from US Department of Labor
– The healthcare sector created 26.800 new jobs in February, 2017 o Created 18,300 jobs in January, 2017
o Ambulatory (clinics) created 18,300 jobs in February and 7100 in January
o Hospitals added 6300 positions in February and 1700 in January

Epic wins EHR contract
– Award from Lakeland Health of Michigan
– Hospital reached HIMSS Stage 7 for its implementation

New CMS chief approved
– The U.S. Senate finally confirmed Ms. Seema Verma as the new Administrator for CMS (Center for Medicare or Medicaid)
– CMS currently spends around $1 trillion annually

Healthcare supply sales increase
– A4 2016 data published by Global Healthcare Exchange of Louisville, CO
– Med-surg market up 5% to $9.6 billion
– Clinical-Lab up 12.4% to $2.15 billion

HIPAA & Data Security Update
– The

Business Performance Innovation Network

published new report: o 60% of information workers admit to accidentally sending out a document they should not have
o 95% are concerned about document security § 75% create confidential documents weekly

o 89% think security risks are growing § 89% think risks are growing due to proliferation of mobile devices

o 43% lack clear policies on document security
o 30% believe their security solutions are used effectively
o 16% believe they very effectively secure their documents


study of data security of printers and MFPs: o 16% of respondents think printers and MFPs are at high risk of breach
o 43% do not include them in endpoint security plan

– The

Office of Inspector General

(OIG) of the Department of Health & Human Services announced that its hotline phone number is being used by scammers to get personal data from individuals who believe they are talking to OIG staff.

Memorial Healthcare System of Florida

announced it paid $5.5 million to settle HIPAA fine after some employees were caught stealing PHI.
– The

US Department of Homeland Security

announced it received reports of 350 hacking attempts into energy companies in the southeastern US

Chadron Community Hospital

of Nebraska notified 702 patients that their PHI was exposed after an employee was caught illegally accessing the records.

UIC Medical Center

of Chicago, IL announced it had one of its patients arrested after he allegedly stole the PHI of another patient in the same room.

VCU Health System

of Richmond, VA notified 2700 children that their PHI was exposed after a contracted vendor employee illegally accessed the info


claims that 63% of data breaches occur as result of compromised email credentials and that healthcare email credentials are being sold freely on the Dark Web.

Evolve IP published study of Dark Web:

o 80.4% of healthcare organization have employees with visibly compromised email accounts
o 76% of compromised accounts include password info

– The

Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital (Allina Health IDN)

announced that a member of the cleaning crew disposed of paper PHI into a dumpster, and were not recovered. Unknown how many patients are affected.

Saliba Extended Care Pharmacy

of Phoenix, Arizona notified 6599 patients that their PHI was exposed after their info was emailed to wrong patients.

Redington-Fairview General Hospital

of Skowhegan, Maine notified an unknown number of patients that they may be the target of a telemarketing scam.

Denton Heart Group

of Texas (Dallas area) notified 21,665 patients that their PHI was exposed after an external hard drive was stolen.

Sharp Healthcare

of San Diego notified 757 patients that their PHI was exposed after a laptop computer and external drive were stolen.

BJC Healthcare

of St. Louis, MO notified 644 patients that their PHI may have been exposed after it was sent using unencrypted email to a program partner.

Federal agents

arrested Yoandy Perez Llanes, a Cuban national, for buying 935 sets of data from the Dark Web, that was stolen from UPMC of Pennsylvania. o Hackers originally stole info on 62,000 UPMC employees

– ZDNet reports that a database managed by

Dun & Bradstreet

was exposed on a public website. Info exposed included: o 101,013 employees of US Dept. of Defense
o 88,153 employees of US Postal Service
o Also included employees of: § US Army, US Air Force & VA
§ AT&T, Dell, Xerox, IBM, FedEx and Boeing

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