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Canon settles data breach lawsuit

  • Article in Actionable Intelligence magazine states that Canon has decided to settle a class-action lawsuit filed against the company after a data breach exposed information on large number of former and current employees
  • The lawsuit alleged negligence after a ransomware attack hit Canon in mid-2020
  • Information exposed included Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, financial account numbers, etc.
  • Settlement amount not yet published

Canon admits another MFP/printer security issue

  • Published bulletin to its dealers regarding a “buffer overflow vulnerability” in some of its laser printers and MFPs
  • Hackers could use to execute arbitrary code and/or Denial-of-Service attacks
  • Firmware apparently now available to fix vulnerability


Canon & Fujifilm win production print contracts

  • Award from Regal Press of Norwood, Massachusetts
  • Installed a new Canon varioPRINT i300 production color inkjet system and a Fujifilm J Press production color inkjet system

Kodak Alaris scanner wins BLI award

  • Keypoint Intelligence awarded a Buyers Lab (BLI) 2023 Pick Award to the Kodak Alaris S3140 Max Scanner
  • Top scores after 6 months of lab testing
  • Top scan speed of 140ipm


Laser printer market growth

  • Research published by Technavio Inc
  • Laser printer market size to increase by $4.016 billion by 2027
  • CAGR (cumulative annual growth rate) of 5.67%

Toshiba close to being acquired?

  • Bloomberg News is reporting that Toshiba is planning a special committee meeting next week to discuss buyout offer from JIP
  • JIP, aka Japanese Industrial Partners, is a government led group which has been working to gather bank financing
  • Takeover would value Toshiba at $16.2 billion
  • Reporting that JIP is close to securing 1.2 trillion yen from Japanese banks needed to close deal
  • JIP may lower the Toshiba’s valuation from the planned 2.2 trillion yen ($16.09 billion) to levels below 2 trillion yen, the Nikkei Business Daily
  • Even though JIP has secured funding worth 1 trillion yen in equity from domestic companies and 1.2 trillion yen in loans from major banks, it may cut the valuation in light of a recent deterioration in Toshiba’s earnings and the need for post-buyout working capital, the Nikkei said.


Sharp to have booth at huge trade show

  • Sharp, a division of Foxconn of Taiwan (aka Hon Hai Precision), announced it will have large booth at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on 1/5-8/2023
  • Products on display will include:
    • LC-LH Indoor Photovoltaic device, uses liquid and crystal light harvesting technology with solar cells to convert indoor light into electricity
    • Perovskrite Solar Cell
    • Automotive Passenger Seat Monitoring, using viewing angle control display, which allows front seat passenger to view entertainment on a display, with driver being unable to see it to avoid distraction
    • Automotive Driver Monitoring detects driver’s line of sight, head position, orientation and eye blink pattern to ascertain status of driver
    • Automotive Click Display using convex or concave shapes on dashboard for easy driver control of features such as volume control, navigation system, air conditioning, etc.
    • Automotive Solar Cells
    • Head-Mounted Display
    • World’s Thinnest Ultra-Compact Camera Module
    • Compact ToF Distance Sensor
    • And will re-enter the HDTV market in the US with AQUOS XLED TVs, including a model that is 120”

Dealer acquisition/merger update

  • Mega dealer, UBEO, headquartered in Austin, Texas, announced it has acquired COECO Office Systems, headquartered in Rocky Mount, North Carolina
    • COECO has 9 locations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia
    • UBEO already had locations in 14 states and over 1,200 employees
  • ManagedPrint, a division of Novatech, announced it is opening a new location in Greenville, SC
    • Was recently awarded position on the State of South Carolina contract for HP printers

Xerox wins lawsuit against school district

  • The U.S. District County of New Jersey ordered the Orange Board of Education to pay Xerox

$276,451.63 in damages

  • Xerox had alleged that the district had defaulted on 3 leases for Xerox production print devices.

Xerox launches new app for its MFPs

  • Now offering “Xerox Easy Assist” for IOS and Android mobile devices
  • Manage device from smart phone
  • Real time monitoring of device performance
  • Instant access to self-support services
  • Browse and print documents from app
  • Monitor supply levels
  • Reorder supplies
  • Manage device password


Ricoh to offer new solution

  • Announced partnership with Alarm Box, maker of cloud-based credit management solutions
  • Initially will only be marketed in Japan


Ricoh wins BLI solution awards

  • Keypoint Intelligence gave out Buyers Lab Software Pick of 2023 awards to:
    • Ricoh Smart Integration (its app marketplace for its MFPs)
    • Ricoh Streamline NX v3 (remote fleet management, secure print and scanning suite)

Environmental group gives out awards

  • The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) published its “A List” of companies it considers as global leaders in response to “climate change”
  • The following document imaging companies made the list:
    • Konica Minolta
    • HP
    • Epson
    • Fujifilm
    • Ricoh
    • Xerox

Fujifilm new models to have more security features

  • (currently makes most Xerox-branded models, but unknown if this relationship will continue)
  • Announced that future models, starting with new 65ppm and 75ppm A3 b/w laser MFPs will include:
    • NIST SP800-171 security standard compatibility
    • WPA3 wireless security protocol compatibility
    • TPM 2.0 security chip (latest encryption standard)

Production print market growth

  • Research published by Fortune Business Insights
  • Digital production printer industry will have CAGR (cumulative annual growth rate) of 12.6%
  • Projected to reach $5.939 billion by 2025

Gen Z buying behavior study

  • Conducted by Wunderman Thompson Intelligence
  • Gen Z is people born from years 1997 to 2012
  • 60% of Gen z buyers say that brands they shop for are an expression of who they are
  • 60% say that sustainability is an important factor in purchase decisions
    • 33% will pay more for sustainable products
  • 73% say it is hard to save money right now
  • 56% say inflation created more financial stress in their lives


Adobe releases original PostScript code

  • Celebrating their 40th anniversary, Adobe Corp. released the source code of PostScript v0.10 to the Computer History Museum
  • Originally a project that began in Xerox’s famed PARC to help print to first digital copier.
  • Employees left PARC and brought PostScript to market in 1982 with new Adobe Corp
  • included John Warnock, Charles Geschke, Doug Brotz, Ed Taft and Bill Paxton


EFI wins wide format contract

  • award from Flora Graphics of Ontario, Canada
  • installed new EFI Pro 30h wide format color inkjet system

Dropbox acquires solution contract

  • Dropbox Inc., the cloud storage vendor, announced it has acquired FormSwift
  • FormSwift is provider of electronic forms solutions
  • Purchase price of $95 million


Signs of recession?

  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that inflation in the U.S. was 7.1% in November, 2022
    • Consumer price index of 7.1%
      • Eggs up 49% in past year
      • Airline fares up 36%
      • Milk up 14.7%
      • Electricity up 13.7%
      • Groceries up 12%
      • Chicken up 12%
      • Baby food up 10.9%
  • MSN MarketWatch reports that:
    • $6.8 trillion in wealth has been lost by American households in 2022
    • 25% of stock market value has been lost this year
    • Nominal net worth fell 4.6%
    • Market value of assets fell by $6 trillion
    • Liabilities rose by $900 billion
    • Real household debt up 4.3%
    • Personal savings rate has fallen to 3.7% of disposable income
    • November retail sales were down 0.6% YoY
      • 2.6% decline in auto sales
      • 2.6% decline in furniture sales
      • 1.5% decline at electronics and appliance stores
      • 2.5% decline at home improvement stores
      • 2.9% decline at department stores
  • The Federal Reserve announced another 0.5 percentage point interest rate increase
    • Brings interests rates to 15 year high
    • Fed Chair Jerome Powell said “there is still a long way to go in the fight against inflation”
      • “I would not see us considering rate cuts until the committee is confident that inflation is moving down to 2% in a sustained way”
    • Observers anticipate rates to continue increasing in 2023
    • Factory production dropped 0.6% in November
    • Fed predicts that the U.S. economy will only grow 0.5% in 2023
      • Also projects that unemployment rate will increase in 2023
  • LendingClub published data on finances of Americans in 2022
    • 63% are living paycheck to paycheck in November, up 60% due to inflation
      • 47% of those earning more than $100K/year are living paycheck to paycheck, up 43%
    • 401K “hardship” withdrawals hit record high
    • Real average hourly earnings are down 1.9%
    • Credit card balances up 15%
      • Credit card rates are now more than 19% on average, an all-time high
    • 32% are saving less than before
    • 50% of those “struggling” have no savings at all
    • 33% feel uncomfortable about ability to pay an emergency $400 expense
      • 8% would not be able to afford it


  • Dr. Mohamen El-Erian, President of Queen’s College, when interviewed on CNN:
    • “I think by end of 2023 inflation will be lower…………. around 4%”
    • “Parts of manufacturing are already in a recession”




Healthcare still #1 target of hackers

  • Research published by Data Breach Today again shows that the US healthcare vertical is the number one target of hackers
  • Due to high value of stolen patient identities, and ability to extract large ransom payments
  • 66% of healthcare systems admit to being hit with ransomware
    • Total estimated cost of these attacks exceeds $92 billion in healthcare network downtime
    • $44 million in ransom payments have been collected
  • 75% or healthcare practices have experienced a cyberattack
    • 41% have experienced multiple attacks
    • 67% involve stealing PHI (protected health information, aka patient medical records)
    • 48% say it impacted patient care
    • 53% believe threat level is high or extremely high
    • 57% admit they do not change default admin password on connected devices

Epic brings all employees back to office

  • For past year, the largest maker of EHRs (electronic health records systems) has required employees to return to work at headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin
  • 11,000 people work at the 1,400 acre campus
  • Erin McWilliams, Director of Benefits, stated:
    • “You cannot replace face-to-face interactions or popping over to someone’s office for a quick gut check with a virtual setting”
    • “These are all quick micro-interactions that you may opted not to do when remote.”
    • “When joining a meeting, virtually we often found people were distracted, not fully engaged….most of us have seen and experienced this first hand”
  • Epic claims its software is used in 2,600 hospitals currently

Epic to partner with Apple

  • Agreed to introduce a version of its EHR to run on Apple devices, according to report from Axios.
  • Large percentage of physicians use Apple products
  • Unknown what launch date is or cost


eClinicalWorks wins EHR contract

  • Award from American Endovascular & Amputation Prevention
  • Locations in New York, New Jersey and Ohio

Oracle Cerner wins EHR contract

  • Award from Crook County Medical Services District of Wyoming
  • Will replace CPSI system


Oracle Cerner to move annual user convention

  • The event that was formerly known as the Cerner Health Conference will move to Las Vegas next year as part of the Oracle CloudWorld Conference, as Oracle acquired Cerner
  • The 15-year-old CHC drew 14,000 attendees to Kansas City, MO each fall, generating $18 million in local economic impact.


Many hospitals are operating in the red

  • Research published by Kaufman, Hall & Associates
  • More than half of US hospitals are projected to operate at a loss through 2022
  • Losses are in the billions of dollars, and rising expenses for supplies and workforce
  • “We lean on GPOs to fight the fight because we don’t have time to fight it”; stated Meena Medler, VP of Supply Chain for University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)
    • “I am asking suppliers to lose a little bit, but I can’t demand it”
    • “If they pass the price increase down, we still need to use their products”
    • “The time for true partnership is now”

HIPAA/cybersecurity breaches in the news

  • The feds issued a warning to the healthcare industry regarding the Royal ransomware malware, which is used by several hacking groups.
    • Ransom demands range from $250,000 to $2 million
  • Joel Zubaid, Julian Rebiga, David Goran and Martin Mizrahi of California/Nevada,were arrested by federal law enforcement officers as grand jury indicted them for allegedly running a business e-mail hacking scam that defrauded $9.2 million from a variety of businesses.
  • Kenosha Unified School District of Wisconsin notified an unknown number of students that their info was stolen after a ransomware attack by the Snatch Team.
  • Uber Corp. is notifying an unknown number of users that their info may have been exposed after ransomware attack by the UberLeaks hacking group.
  • Morgan County School District of Colorado notified an unknown number of students that their info may have been exposed after cyber attack.
  • Knox College of Illinois notified an unknown number of students that their info was stolen after ransomware attack by the Hive hacking group.
  • New Vision Dental of Pasadena, CA paid $23,000 HIPAA fine for disclosing PHI when responding to Yelp reviews.
  • Emory Healthcare of Atlanta, Georgia notified 1,600 patients that their PHI was exposed when it was illegally accessed by a former employee.
  • Healthcare Management Solutions LLC notified an unknown number of patients that their PHI was exposed after data breach.
  • Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center of Buffalo, NY announced a former nurse, Kelsey A. Mulvey, was sentenced to 37 months in prison for stealing PHI
  • School Town of Munster in Indiana notified an unknown number of students that their info may have been exposed after a student hacked into network.
  • Carpenter Shed Rehab of West Monroe, Mississippi notified an unknown number of patients that their PHI was exposed after a break-in:
    • Ouachita Parish sheriff’s deputies arrested a Mississippi man last week after he allegedly broke in and destroyed several items.
    • The suspect, Jake Williams, 22, of 2192 Parkplace Cove, Nesbit, Mississippi, was kicked out of the facility for threatening staff, according to the complaint
    • The complainant said Williams returned later that day, went inside and broke a TV, computer monitor, printer, table and flipped over several pieces of furniture, which resulted in about

$1,100-worth of damage.

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