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HP devices with more security holes

  • Numerous articles were published during past week by dozens of IT and Network security magazine warning customers of the vulnerabilities
  • Based on research conducted by F-Secure Security Software of Finland
  • Problems found in more than 150 models of HP printers and MFPs
  • Issues found with FutureSmart firmware dating back to 2013
  • Could allow a hacker to execute malicious code on the devices
  • “It is easy to forget that modern MFPs are fully functional computers that threat actors can compromise just like other workstations and endpoints”
  • “Attackers can leverage a compromised device to damage an organization’s infrastructure and operations”
  • “could be used to gain full control of a target enterprise’s network”
  • HP has been advertising FutureSmart equipped printers and MFPs as providing “additional security protections and readiness for advanced cloud based workflows”


HP launches new offering for Indigo users

  • Launched Industry 0, to assists customers with Indigo production color systems
  • PrintOS Site Flow is new end-to-end production management solutions for a print service provider (PSP) to automatically receive, produce and ship jobs
  • PrintOS Integration Hub is portal where HP provides technical info on how to integrate with HP Indigo devices and solutions
  • PrintOS Production Pro DFE now offers integration with Heidelberg’s Prinect Business Manager


Employees not happy with their employer?

  • Research published by Enreach Software of office workers
  • 31% believe crawling internet speeds are a sign of an old-fashioned office
  • 25% cite use of fax machines as ultimate sign of being behind times
  • 21% say using MS Office v2003 is being stuck in past
  • 49% feel company is behind times when it comes to wellbeing
  • 80% think having out of date technology seriously hinders company growth
  • 56% believe their job is made much harder than it needs to be
  • Nearly 30 minutes every working day is wasted trying to get old office equipment to work
  • 31% would most enjoy a shorter work week
  • 23% want ability to take a “wellbeing day off” to recharge their batteries
  • 20% want ability to buy more time off from employer
  • 66% have never brought anything up to management about above

Hackers attacking receipt printers

  • Vice magazine published report on new hacking activity
  • Bad actors are hacking into receipt printers to force them to insert a pro-labor message on the receipts given to customers
  • Messages are anti-work, pro-union and anti-capitalism in nature


New methods to hack into printers/MFPs

  • Article published by Giampaolo Bella and Pietro Biondi, two researchers in Italy
  • New group of hacks called “Printjack”
  • Involve DDoS (distributed denial of service) swarms
  • warns companies that “You Overtrust Your Printer”
  • modern printers and MFPs “are still vulnerable to basic weaknesses and lag behind other IoT and electrical devices that are beginning to comply with cybersecurity and data privacy rules”


Some toner causes health issues?

  • Research published by Elsevier magazine
  • Conducted in at 6 different companies in country of Singapore that use MFPs
  • Claim that inhalation of toner dust emitted from certain MFPs (not named) caused systemic inflammation in plasma and upper airway in some employees that use the MFPs
  • Apparently caused by toners that use certain ENMs (engineered nanomaterials) to improve machine performance
  • Extended exposure could lead to atherosclerosis and vascular disease


Arrested for making fake $ with color MFP

  • Jesse Bowman was arrested by City of Paducah Police in Kentucky
  • Allegedly used fake $10 and $20 bills to buy goods at local Walmart


Ricoh discusses plans for future

  • Published its midterm management plan
  • Plans to integrate “edge devices” (4 million cloud-connected MFPs) with office services to convert printing information into digital data
  • Plans to deploy its 15,000 salespeople and 16,000 engineers globally to help its 1.4 million customers in 50 countries migrate to digital, thereby increasing Ricoh’s recurring revenues
  • Plans to achieve $239.3 million in operating profit in fiscal 2022 from Office Services Business


Ricoh wins production print contract

  • Award from Polaris Direct of Hookset, New Hampshire
  • Installed new Pro C7210X and C9200 production color laser systems
  • Will be used to produce variable data postcards

Fujifilm makes acquisition

  • (Fujifilm is maker of most Xerox branded MFPs and printers)
  • Announced it has acquired HOYA Digital Solutions, a subsidiary of HOYA
  • Will leverage HOYA’s ERP capabilities to support digital transformation strategy


Kofax to be sold?

  • Bloomberg News is reporting that Thoma Bravo is considering selling off the software company which specializes in RPA, document capture and print
  • Thoma Bravo, which also owns Hyland Software, acquired Kofax in 2017
  • Article states that it may sell Kofax for as much as $3 billion


Kofax wins award

  • KMWorld magazine (knowledge management solutions) gave its 2021 Reader’s Choice for Best Business Process Management to Kofax
  • Won for 3rd year in a row


Dealer acquisition/merger update

  • Americom Imaging Systems, a Kyocera/Canon dealer headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, announced it has acquired two competitors:
    • Document Management Consultants, a Xerox dealer in Maryland Heights, MO
    • Swiftechs of Maryland Heights, Missouri (Lexmark, Toshiba & HP)
  • Tech Data, a technology distributor, announced it has acquired Advanced Technology Trading (ATTCo), which offers a managed print services platform
  • CDW, a technology distributor, announced it spent $2.5 billion to acquire Sirius Computer Solutions, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, which is provider of managed IT services, cloud services, cybersecurity solutions and digital transformation services


Lexmark’s parent to build new plant

  • Ninestar of China, of which Lexmark is a division, announced that it will build a new printer/MFP and consumables factory in Hefei, China
  • Part of strategy to obtain 25% market share of global laser output device market
  • Will spend $785.4 million with hopes to manufacture 2 million engines and consumables per year
  • Built on 500 acres of land and complete in 36 months


Supply chain problems impact MFP sales

  • Report published by IDC
  • Worldwide hardcopy peripheral shipments were down 20.4% in last quarter to 21 million units compared to same quarter last year
  • Shipment value down 11% to $9.2 billion
  • Asia Pacific shipments down 8%
  • HP shipments down 1%
  • Kyocera shipments up 8%
  • Canon shipments down 2%
  • All data includes units used in homes and offices (consumer and commercial use)



EHR vendor adds Direct Secure Messaging

  • Therap Services, headquartered in Waterbury, Connecticut, is provider of EHRs for human services providers
  • Announced that it now offers optional module for its LTC400, PROscript 2000 and Prodigy Software EHRs to share PHI using Direct Messaging
  • (Konica Minolta’s Healthcare MFP allows healthcare providers to use Direct Messaging to share PHI)


Biscom now integrates with Cerner EHR

  • Biscom, headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, is provider of enterprise fax server solutions
  • Announced it can now integrate with Cerner Millenium EHR (electronic health record) system


Zoom now integrates with Cerner EHR

  • Zoom is provider of virtual meeting solutions
  • Announced it now integrates with Cerner EHRs allowing providers to launch virtual visits from patient record


Allscripts wins EHR contract

  • Award from Next Level Urgent Care, which has 20 locations in Houston, TX
  • Implemented the Touchworks cloud-based solution


Epic wins EHR contract

  • Award from Virginia Commonwealth University Health System
  • Replacing Cerner system


Xerox wins production print contract from VA

  • In addition to equipment, implemented the XMPie variable data direct mail software solution
  • Used to produce direct mail pieces including; appointment cards, seasonal notifications, mental health programs and educational updates


Taylor Healthcare offers new solution

  • Taylor, headquartered in North Mankato, MN, it best known for selling prescription forms (which it acquired from Standard Register)
  • Launched DowntimeDoc, a software package that allows users to access and print documents in the event of EHR downtime.
  • Claims that hospitals lose an average of $8662 pre minute when EHR is offline


Healthcare fraud in the news

  • Thomas Shoemaker was sentenced to 5 years in prison for his role in $180 million of fraudulent prescriptions

  • Committed the acts while working as a Louisiana pharmacy marketer
  • Flower Mound Hospital of Texas agreed to pay $18.2 million to resolve allegations of submitting false insurance claims
  • Quincy Medical Group of Illinois agreed to pay $500,000 to settle allegations that it submitted false insurance claims


HIPAA & Cybersecurity Updates

  • The IRS claims it still does not know who stole the tax return info on thousands of people in the S. and sent it to ProPublica, which publicized the info.
  • Ubiquiti Corporation, headquartered in New York City, NY, announced that a former employee, named Nickolas Sharp, was arrested by
    • Allegedly stole confidential information, and demanded a ransom to prevent its exposure
  • Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles, CA has notified 400,000 patients that their PHI was exposed after ransomware
  • Medsurant Health, headquartered in Conshohoken, Massachusetts, notified an unknown number of patients that their PHI was exposed after ransomware
  • Pfizer Corp., headquartered in New York City, NY, filed legal action against former employee, Chun Xiao Li, allegedly she stole 12,000 confidential documents in order to sell to a
  • Three Rivers Regional Commission of Griffin, Georgia notified 2,000 patients that their PHI was exposed after ransomware
  • One Community Health of Oregon notified an unknown number of patients that their PHI was exposed after ransomware
  • DNA Diagnostics Centers, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, notified 2.1 million patients that their PHI was exposed after cyber
  • Huntington Hospital, part of Northwell Health in New York, notified 13,000 patients that their PHI was illegally accessed by a former
  • ACE Surgical Supply of Brockton, Massachusetts notified 12,122 patients that their PHI was exposed after
  • Panasonic Corp. notified an unknown number of customers that their info was exposed after a cyber
  • Delta-Montrose Electric Association of Colorado notified an unknown number of customers that their info was exposed after
  • Armis Corp, a company that makes software to protect network endpoints, raised $300 million in funding and now has value of $3.4
  • Opeyemi Abidemi Adeoso and Benjamin Adeleke Ifebajo, both from Nigeria, were sentenced to 120-151 months in prison for their role in cyberattacking
  • The Riverhead Central School District of New York notified an unknown number of students that their info was exposed after ransomware
  • Joshua Maywalt of Tampa, Florida, pleaded guilty to healthcare fraud, aggravated identity theft, and filing a false federal income tax return after stealing PHI while working for a medical billing company in Clearwater,
    • faces up to 50 years in prison
  • Sangamon County Animal Control (SCAC) in Springfield, IL notified an unknown number of citizens that it has inadvertently exposed their driver license info on the Internet
  • Durrell Tyler and DeShawn Johnson of Atlanta, Georgia were sentenced to 3 years in prison for buying stolen identities on the Dark Web and using it to commit fraud and open credit card
  • Booz Allen Hamilton published article warning companies that Chinese government- backed hackers may try to steal encrypted data, and use quantum computers to crack it for

  • Mandiant Security published warning of new hacking group named “Sabbath” that is using the ROLLCOAST ransomware to target organizations in the S.
  • Kaspersky Security Software published warning of new hacking group named

“ScarCraft” that is using malware to attack Windows and Android devices.

  • 20/20 Eye Care Network, headquartered in Florida, notified an unknown number of patients that their PHI was exposed after cyber
  • Broward County Public Schools of Florida notified 26,000 students and faculty that their info was exposed after ransomware attack.
  • The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet notified an unknown number of citizens that their info was exposed after security
  • Bay Village High School of Ohio notified an unknown number of students that their info was exposed after an email breach.
  • Evanston Township High School of Illinois notified 1,100 students that their info was exposed after ransomware attack.
  • Lewis and Clark Community College of Godfrey, Illinois notified an unknown number of students that their info was exposed after ransomware attack.
  • Symantec published warning of new ransomware named “Yanluowang”, aimed at organizations in the S.
  • Proofpoint published warning of new tool hackers may use where malware is embedded in RTF files

When user opens up the RTF attached using Microsoft Word, it launches the malware onto the network while user is reading the decoy Word

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