The copier industry is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest news and information can be crucial for businesses and professionals who rely on these machines for their daily operations. Here are the latest headlines from the Copier Industry:

Fujifilm reports last quarter’s earnings

  • Total revenue up 6% to 660.75 billion yen ($4.61 billion)
  • Operating income up 4% to 52.21 billion yen ($364.26 million)
  • Net income up 5% to 54.41 billion yen ($379.75 million)
  • Business Innovation division revenue up 23% to 194.2 billion yen ($1.35 billion)
    • Operating income up 7% to 16.9 billion yen ($117.91 million)
    • Office Solutions (MFPs, printers) division revenue down 3% to 125.8 billion yen ($877.57 million)
    • Business Solutions (software) revenue up 2% to 68.4 billion yen ($477.22 million)

Fujifilm to offer optional endpoint security

  • Announced new solution named “MPS Guardia”, to protect its MFPs, printers from cyber attacks
  • Also offers protects data stored on MFP hard drives
  • Granted ISO 2700 and 9001 certification
  • Web portal allows customer to view, managed and control security settings
  • Three different levels of features; Lite, Essentials and Enterprise Plus versions
  • (unknown if Fujifilm will offer in the S.)

Toshiba reports last quarter’s earnings

  • Net sales down 9% to 704 billion yen ($4.87 billion)
  • Net income down to a loss of 4 billion yen ($178.24 million)
  • Operating income of 4 billion yen ($80.23 million)
  • Toshiba Tec division revenue up 12% to 37 billion yen ($854.6 million)
    • Operating profit up to 28 billion yen ($8.94 million)
    • Profit of 38 million yen ($265,000)

Kyocera to build new center in Japan

  • Kyocera (aka Kyoto Ceramic Company) announced it will construct new development center at Shiga Yasu Campus in Japan
  • Will implement new strategies for deploying AT and robots
  • Total of 6 floors

Kyocera to supply tech to printer company

  • Kyocera announced that its KJ4B-QA inkjet printheads will be used in by Aeoon Technologies of Austria
  • Will be used in color inkjet textile printers, also known as DTG or Direct-to-Garmet

Xerox has another security problem

  • The Breaking Latest News Security Newsletter is reporting that researchers at BSI in Germany found a new security vulnerability in Xerox’s FreeFlow print servers for production print devices
  • The server’s UNIX and Windows operating systems are affected
  • Hackers can use to compromise the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the system

Xerox names another reseller for DocuShare

  • Announced that Elevondata Labs , headquartered in New York City, will market Xerox’s DocuShare ECM solutions world wide
  • Elevondata is provider of advanced managed IT solutions
  • Also announced that it has hired Tzunami to move the storage of DocuShare data to Microsoft 365 cloud storage

What do they know about Xerox?

  • The Securities and Exchange Commission reported that Sigma Planning has “significantly” increased its ownership of Xerox stock
  • Raised amount of shares owned by 2% in past quarter
  • Represents a purchase of an additional 14,964 shares
  • Estimated value of $804,000
  • Xerox recently posted a negative margin of 52%

Signs of recession?

  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Louis, Missouri, announced that Americans now owe $1 trillion in credit card debt, a new record
    • Average credit card interest rate for new offers = 39%
    • Average household now holds more than $10,000 in credit card debt
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of New York published report:
    • Federal student loan payments will resume in October, 2023
    • Average mortgage balance up $121 billion in first quarter of 2023
    • Auto loans increased $10 billion
    • Total non-housing balances grew by $24 billion
  • Northwestern Mutual Insurance report claims that those in debt spend 30% of their income paying it off, but expect to remain in debt well past this year
    • 51% do not plan on paying off debt within 5 years
  • Moody’s Investors Service lowered credit ratings for 10 banks in the S.
    • May downgrade major lenders including S. Bancorp, Bank of New York Mellon, State Corp and Trust Financial
    • “Negative Outlook” was also given:
      • PNC Financial
      • Capital One Financial
      • Citizens Financial
      • Fifth Third Bancorp
      • Regions Finance
      • Ally Financial
      • Bank OZK
      • Huntington Bancshares
    • Black Night Research reported that home price are up 8% in last 30 days
      • 60% of nation’s major housing markets have record level prices
    • The S. Labor Department announced that the consumer price index climbed another 3.2% in July
      • Up from 3% in June
      • Fed officials are now considering raising interest rates again this year

Hackers can hear you type?

  • Cornell University published research that claims artificial intelligence can identify computer passwords with almost 100% accuracy by listening to sound of keyboard keys being pressed
  • Hackers could use apps like Zoom to listen in
  • “I can only see the accuracy of such models, and such attacks, increasing”; stated Ehsan Toreini

Ricoh reports last quarter’s earnings

  • Net sales up 4% to 534.6 billion yen ($3.73 billion)
  • Operating profit up 7% to 10.17 billion yen ($71.07 million)
  • Profit up 6% to 8.57 billion yen ($59.89 million)
  • Revenue in Americas up 1%
  • Digital Products revenue up 4% to 116.7 billion yen ($805 million)
    • Includes revenue from the recently acquired scanner division from Fujitsu
    • Operating profit down 6% to 0.9 billion yen ($6.28 million)
  • Digital Services revenue up 9% to 427.9 billion yen ($2.95 billion)
  • Operating profit up 6% to 9 billion yen ($61 million)
  • Graphic Communications (PPS) division revenue up 1% to 56.6 billion yen ($395.36 million)

Ricoh wins production print contracts

  • Award from Amazing Graphics of New Delhi, India
    • Installed new Pro C7200X production color laser system
    • Will be used for print on-demand books
  • Award from Impress Advertising Media in Guntur, India
    • Installed new Pro C7200X production color laser system
    • Included white toner option
    • Will be used to produce photo albums, coffee table books, pamphlets and brochures

Epson wins design awards

  • Red Dot Design gave out awards to:
    • SureLab D750 color inkjet photo printer
    • Mobilink mobile receipt printers
    • OmniLink compact label printers and receipt printers
    • GX8 SCARA industrial robots
    • EpiqVision Flex portable projectors
    • Moverio augmented realty smart glasses

IRS plans to ditch paper forms

  • Estimates that more than 94% of individual taxpayers will no longer even need to send mail to them
  • Announced new paperless initiative
  • Over next 2 years will offer new system to submit tax forms online, including use of smart phones and tablets
  • Currently IRS receives 76 million tax returns per year
  • An additional 125 million paper pieces of correspondence

US Postal Service posts huge loss

  • Last quarter lost $1.7 billion
  • 16% decline in marketing mail
  • Total operating revenue of $18.6 billion, down 9%
  • First class mail volume down 9% to 678 million pieces

Papercut is number one in report

  • IDC published its Worldwide and S. Device and Print Management market share report
  • Total market revenue up 1% YoY
  • Papercut had number one position with $83.9 million in sales, or 9% of market

Lexmark has more security problems

  • Lexmark is a division of Ninestar of China, which has been accused of using forced labor, is now in the news again for security vulnerabilities
  • The Information Security Newspaper is reporting that researchers at Horizon3 found that some Lexmark MFPs and printers can be hacked and programmed to remotely play music, while spying on the users of the device.
    • Hackers are able to obtain sensitive credentials of customers
    • Attackers are able to gain control of device and extend control inside a network
    • Even allows hackers the ability to play music on device
  • Breaking Latest News security newsletter reports that BIS of Germany has found security vulnerabilities on some Lexmark MFPs and printers
    • Allows hackers to exploit multiple vulnerabilities to execute arbitrary code or escalate priviliges

Brother reports on last quarter’s earnings

  • Total revenue down 4% to 200.4 billion yen ($1.411 billion)
  • Operating profit down 12% to 02 billion yen ($155 million)
  • Net income down 5% to 16.24 billion yen ($114.26 million)
  • Printing Solutions division revenue up 9% to 127.29 billion yen ($895.71 million)
    • Operating profit up 5% to 17.99 billion yen ($126.59 million)

HP wins production print contract

  • Award from B. Graphic International of Elgin, Illinois
  • Installed new HP Indigo V12 production color system
  • Will be used to produce labels

Kofax hires new leader

  • Announced that Jeff Hartnett is new Senior VP of Sales for the Americas
  • Previously led sales at Ceridian
  • Reports to CRO, Tim Battis

Less productive working from home?

  • Research published by MIT and UCLA
    • Workers were 18% less productive when working from home as compared to when they worked in office
    • Part of project used cameras built into worker’s laptop computers and took low resolution photos every 15 minutes
  • Microsoft also announced that research showed that working from home resulted in 25% reduction in time spent collaborating across groups

Managed print services market to grow

  • Report published by Maximize Market Research
  • Total market to grow to $94.33 billion by 2029
  • CAGR of 81%

Printing solution software market growth

  • Report published by Polaris Market Research
  • Market will reach $6.781 billion by 2032
  • CAGR of 61%
  • Current market value of $1.461 billion

MFP market growth

  • report published by 360 Research Reports
  • total market value in 2020 was $20.280 billion
  • expected to reach $23.501 billion by 2027
  • CAGR (cumulative annual growth rate) of5%

Production print market growth

  • report published by Market Intelligence Data
  • revenue value of $24.8 billion in 2021
  • expected to reach $34.3 billion by 2029
  • CAGR of 8%



eClinicalWorks wins EHR contracts

  • Award from Best Medical Care PC of New York
    • Implemented a cloud-based version
    • Covers 9 locations
  • Award from Virginia Eye Institute
    • Covers 8 locations

Fax solution vendor offers new features

  • Consensus Cloud Solutions, owner of eFax, announced launch of Clarity Clinical Documentation
  • A turnkey solution that automatically routes unstructured clinical data from faxes, handwritten notes, and scanned documents in healthcare industry
  • Workflow of new solution is as follows:
    • Image received via eFax or scanned
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning used to analyze image and extract patient data
    • Data formatted with C-CDA (consolidated clinical data architecture) structure
    • Securely routed via HISP (health information service provider aka Direct Secure Messaging) to the EHR (electronic health record system)
    • Matched data automatically routed to patient chart in EHR
  • (Konica Minolta’s Healthcare MFP powered by Kno2, uses Direct Secure Messaging to scan, send and share PHI) 

HIPAA/cybersecurity breaches in the news

  • The IRS has lost track of millions of sensitive taxpayer records after a watchdog group found empty boxes at an IRS document storage facility in Ogden, Utah that were supposed to contain 168 microfilm cartridges with images of millions of records.
  • Prospect Medical Holdings, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, updated the list of healthcare facilities that were affected by cyber attack:
  • Bellflower Behavioral Health of CA
  • Foothill Regional Medical Center of CA
  • Los Angeles Community Hospital of CA
  • Norwalk Community Hospital of CA
  • Southern California Hospitals of Culver City and Hollywood
  • Van Nuys Behavioral Health of CA
  • Manchester Memorial of CT
  • Rockville General of CT
  • Waterbury Hospital of CT
  • Crozer Chester Medical Center of PA
  • Delaware County Memorial of PA
  • Springfield Hospital of PA
  • Taylor Hospital of PA
  • Roger Williams Medical Center of RI
  • Our Lady of Fatima Hospital of RI
  • The federal Department of Health & Human Services published a warning about a new ransomware hacking gang, named Rhysida, which is aiming its attacks on the healthcare industry in the U.S.
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Massachusetts notified an unknown number of patients that their PHI was exposed after cyber attack.
  • The Colorado Department of Higher Education notified an unknown number of students and teachers that their info was exposed after cyber attack.
  • Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart Law Firm of Miami, Florida notified an unknown number of clients that their info was exposed after cyber attack.
  • Crown Point School District of Indiana notified an unknown number of students that their info was exposed after cyber attack.
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine of Baltimore, Maryland notified 310,405 patients that their PHI was exposed after cyber attack.
  • Precision Anesthesia Billing of Tampa, FL notified 209,200 patients that their PHI was exposed after a cyber attack.
    • This also affected patients Athens Anesthesia Associates of Georgia
  • Life Management Center of Northwest Florida notified 19,107 patients that their PHI was exposed after cyber attack.
  • Discovery at Home notified senior patients in Florida and Texas that their PHI was exposed after cyber attack.
  • Bi-Bett Corporation of California notified 4,722 patients that their PHI was exposed after cyber
  • Jefferson County Health Center of Oklahoma notified an unknown number of patients that their PHI was exposed after cyber attack.
  • Oregon Sports Medicine notified an unknown number of patients that their PHI was exposed after cyber attack.
  • The New Haven School District of Connecticut is reporting that it lost more than $6 million after a cyber attack.
  • Florida Healthy Kids Insurance notified an unknown number of parents that their children’s records were exposed after cyber attack.

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