So, you’ve had the same printer in your office for 10 years, it’s slow, there’s more jams than you care to count and it’s time to look into your options. You’re in the market for a new laser printer or a multifunction printer. There are so many options to consider, but you’re already thinking about your long term investment and which options best fit your needs. With so many things to consider, it’s almost as if you were purchasing a new car for the office! Which make or model? Should I buy, lease or rent? Should I buy new or used? Do we need monochrome or color? It may seem a little overwhelming at first but with a little help and research you’ll be a pro in no time. My biggest piece of advice is: do not jump at the first thing you see! With so many options out there you will really need to sit and think about your needs first, then do a little research and speak with different representatives to see what your best options are.

If you have a growing company a multifunction printer may be a great upgrade for you. Multifunction printers (MFP’s) would reduce the office equipment in your space coming standard with printer, copier, and scanner capabilities. MFPs also have the ability to have extra components added to them like faxing, stapling finisher/sorters, booklet finishers, 3-hole punch and more. Another important feature to consider is, what copy sizes do you need the capability of printing? Most MFPs come standard with Letter (8.5 x 11), Legal (8.5 x 14), Ledger (11 x 17) and card stock printing/coping capabilities. Now if you have a smaller office, with limited space but still need these capabilities you have options with a desktop multifunction printer like the Konica Minolta Bizhub C35 (color machine) or the Konica Minolta Bizhub 25 (black and white machine).

Now laser printers also have the printer, copier, scanner capabilities as well. There are also some laser printers that also have faxing capabilities. These printers would also help reduce the amount of equipment you have in your office, but with less bells and whistles. Laser printers are great desktop printers, they’re compact and don’t take up much space great for smaller offices/companies. They are also great for companies that don’t produce a large monthly volume in their printing or copying and are only looking for Letter and Legal printing/copying sizes. An example of a great laser printer you may like to consider would be a Ricoh SPC 430 DN, (color machine) or a Ricoh SP 3510 DN, (black and white machine).

Besides considering which machine to upgrade to, many companies also may have service contacts and warranties, free training and delivery with those machines which is very beneficial in terms of your budget. Whether you decide to go with a multifunction printer, or a laser printer there are also options for prices that range for all types of budgets and office sizes. With options like new and repossessed machines you can make the right decision to fit your needs and better your productivity in your office!

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