Companies are often surprised at how much they have to spend to purchase a copier for their office. Copiers are vital for today’s business, so companies need to have a copier even if their use is limited. That is why we offer short term copier rentals to help customers get their work done without having to overspend, and that is also why we are so well known in Boston’s business world.

Some of the benefits you get from renting are:

Flexible Plans

With renting, you can get a copier for the time period you need. If you only need the copier for a day, you pay for a day only. You can rent a copier for a week or for a month as well. You can also increase your rental plan if you are going to use it more or decrease it if the use is less than expected. This allows costs to be controlled efficiently.

Lowered Costs

If you choose copier rentals, you will be paying a lot less for many reasons, such as:

→ No big initial cost

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to purchase a machine; only rent it for the day, the week or the month, which will reduce the monthly costs by a wide margin.

→ No maintenance cost

Since you are renting the equipment, it is our responsibility to maintain the equipment. Thus, if the copier starts acting up or needs cleaning/regular maintenance, you will not have to pay for it. Experienced professionals know how expensive maintenance can be; therefore, this saves a lot of money for companies.

→ Tax Benefits

This is one of the most overlooked positive points for rentals. When you buy a copier, it is an asset; the only money you can save is by depreciating it on your books. Rentals, on the other hand, are a pre-tax business expense and thus you will not have to pay tax on them.

→ Latest Updated Equipment

Many companies use obsolete copiers/printers since replacing them will cost too much. If you are renting and the product is obsolete, Copitex will replace the copier/printer. Thus, you get to use the latest and most innovative products without having to pay for replacements and writing off obsolete equipment.

Short Term Copier Rentals in Boston

Copitex short term copier rentals are utilized by a wide variety of companies, all of whom have temporary or limited use of copiers. This includes Attorney War Rooms, Audio Visual Companies, Television Production, Sports Broadcast Production, Movie Production Sites, Conventions and Trade Shows, Meetings and Conferences, Construction Sites, Temporary Office, and many other similar workplaces.

If you are unsure about what type of plan will be good for you, simply give us a call at 866-COPITEX or send us an email. We will tell you about the wide range of plans we have for our clients, and will set you up with the plan that will be the most beneficial for you while keeping the costs at their lowest. We also have shredders and printers to meet the needs of our customers.


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